Klaus Jurgens

Political Analyst & Journalist

Klaus holds a postgraduate degree from London School of Economics and is a communications and media professional, focusing on the Turkish economy and politics; major topics: innovation, entrepreneurship, tourism and in more general terms, ‘Turkey the brand’.

Previously designed country’s first ever university course about SME in cross border ventures, plus lectured about EU Law for business administrators.
At the moment working from Austria, UK, contributing to Turkish print, online media as well as television taking in foreign audience perceptions of Turkey helping to create a positive image for potential investors, visitors; regularly returns enjoying family home in capital Ankara.

His personal Turkey story began right here in Bodrum: 17 years ago he was greeted at the border gate with the words ‘welcome to your new country’ – nowhere else had this happened to him before nor did it ever happen again; hospitality per excellence.

Klaus knows Turkey very well having been to all four corners of this great country with special affinity to the southern Aegean coast, currently contributing to a local newspaper in Kuşadası.


 ‘Happy to be back for Bodrum Investor Conference: right time, right place!’