Natasha Daneshmand


International Investor & Lawyer

Natasha, born and educated in London, is a UK qualified corporate finance lawyer. She has spent time in Turkey on holidays and extended stays of up to 6 months at a time since 1999, but specifically in Bodrum since 2012.


As well as investing in residential properties in London over the years, Natasha has also invested in several residential as well as commercial properties in Bodrum. She has a wealth of experience in this area and as she speaks fluent Turkish and Farsi due to her İranian family background, she has helped an international network of friends and family from abroad successfully make similar investments in Bodrum. 


Natasha has held a Turkish residence permit since 2012 and is experienced in the application and renewal process for such permits as well as for Turkish Citizenship. 


As a result Natasha has established a strong business connection with reputable, trustworthy and experienced local professionals including property agents, developers, lawyers, translators, notaries, bankers and investors. In addition her local network also includes professionals in the tourism sector including yachting agents, hotel owners and concierge service providers. 


As an experienced foreign property investor in Bodrum Natasha will be speaking on a panel at the Bodrum Investors Conference and will be available to answer any further questions during the entire event.